Saturday, August 30, 2008


Here I am. Holy hell, here I am.

It's Saturday night and on Monday morning I start, walking across the USA, Boston to L.A.

I'm raising funds for, People For Educational Equality. It is a Non-Profit organization which I founded in order to help schools and educational programs that are trying to play catch up in a system which has left them behind.

I'm looking forward to the experience, but I'm terrified of how under-prepared I feel and the chance that simply put, no one will care. Education means a lot to me. Originally this was just a way to see the world and do a little good as a bonus. Somehow it has grown. I need this, for me yes, but to regrow my faith in humanity and my hope for my country. I need to know that someone can make a difference, that the world isn't headed down a dark path with no chance to turn around.

So far, this experience has been amazing. I've slept on benches and gone without food or showers in prep, but people have stepped up in a most unexpected way. Everyone wants to give, everyone wants to put a roof over my head, buy me a water filter, clothes, and so on. This could be great, this could be nothing, but I think people recognize the hope in it and everyone wants a part.