Monday, June 1, 2009

Redlands, CA: Coming Home

Miles since last blog: 13.3
Miles Total: 3723.0


I've been staying with some cool college-ish age kids here in Redlands. I always feel comfortable in this environment, I feel comfortable most anywhere, but especially in a place like this. A place like this is a house with a few roommates in a residential neighborhood near a park. It's older and has a porch, the furniture is older but not shabby, comfortable, and the floors are wood. There's always beer in the fridge and a guy at the kitchen table studying. I've always loved this place and have seen hundreds of versions of it, but never lived there.

A place like this makes me think of my past and wonder if I had ever done this how my life would have been different. I doubt I would have come here. I worked hard and bought my own track house and was busy being overly grown up when I was in school, I wonder if I can come back and fit into this life later on when I am older, calmer and can sit still long enough to go back to the university system that always seems to be calling to me.

In any case, it's been nice and regenerative. I've met some cool people with great lives and goals and dreams and it feels good and right to be moving on from here. So little time left.



Anonymous said...

That was our house on 1st Ave in Chico. 6 bedrooms, no TV, 99 cent Buckhorn in the fridge when we could afford it, always one or more guys studying at the table and gin rummy games or cribbage almost every night.


Megan said...

Great mission: I'm glad I ran across your blog! Redlands is a cool town, glad you got to tranist through. Redlands is the highlight of the whole Inland Empire.

Redlands Web Design said...

Great post. Very interesting. My family and I recently had the opportunity to move out of state for the first time in over 20 years, I have lived in Southern California since 1981 and in Redlands, Ca. since 1989. I thought I could live anywhere...not so.
We moved back after about 6 months and were very happy to be back, actually home sick. Great post, love the area.