Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rialto, CA: Coasting

Miles since last blog: 17.0
Miles Total: 3740.0


Well, I had fun in redlands but it was time to make a break for the coast and away from the Eastern side of the Inland Empire where all the smog from LA and the west collects, poor Redlands and San Bernardino. I was shocked, shocked, to see a blue sky when I hit Rialto in the afternoon and was thoroughly unprepared for it to clear up resulting in a mild sunburn. The next two days I'll be turning in most of the mileage for the remainder of the trip and then taking a bit of time off to try and wrap my brain around this whole shebang being over and done with. And maybe I'll get a haircut too.



Dixxe's Doodles said...

Smog--not good for man or beast. Amazing the end is so near...
I hope you have a wonderful walk today!

Anonymous said...

Now why would you pay for a haircut, when it's looking good right now and your sister will cut it for free next week and make you an apple pie!

Leann said...

Your blog is very entertaining and interesting.

I am a member of the bizymoms Rialto community and would like other moms in my community to read your blog.

Keep up the good work !!