Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gainesville IV: Fleet of Fingers

Pages Written: 150

Days on Walk: 101

Just checking in and getting some non-book (hopeful) material written. I've been kicking butt on the novelization of my walk's first half. I was lucky enough, or smart enough to have a lot of material written during the first month of my journey, after that. . . well, I've got notes but it's going to be getting harder. The good news seems to be there there will be plenty of material, especially to cut, which will be good because I hope that it will be readable, not work.

The bad part is that it looks like my X-mas plans are falling through, so . . . well, I don't know. It may be that I hunker down and finish writing and start editing, or, I may just be out on the road camping for X-mas since I doubt it's a couch surfable date. I've got some thinking to do.