Monday, December 1, 2008

The Month in Math: NOvember

Miles since last month: 420.5
Miles total: 1448.5
Average Daily Mileage: 14.02
Miles left: 2427
Dragging sickness and cough: 1
States on Route: 3
Damn fine turkeys: 1
Blogs so far: 69 (teehee)
Car accidents: 1
So much more: 1

Looking back over my blogs for the last month and the notes I've taken I remember the 1st in Greenville, SC. I don't know if there is a temporal equivalent to vertigo or what it is called, but this gives me that. It feels like time has been stretched out like taffy, this is so much more than a month. It's a good thing. If a normal life is a turkey then mine is now a turducken. Stuffed with the crazy adventures of several lives all competing in flavors, each succulent and delicious. . . or so I imagine. For God's sake will no one make me a Turducken next year? Deep Fried to seal in all the goodness? Mmmmmm . . . 3 birds in one.

1 comment:

Kneece said...

What's a turdurken? We always deep fry our turkeys in Louisiana. :) They're delicious! Maybe you'll get to taste one.