Friday, December 19, 2008

Gainesville VI: Lil Walk

Pages Written So Far: 250+

I finally succeeded in resetting my internal clock and woke up this morning, the key word there folks was 'morning.' I'd been waking up after dark and working through the night, only to fall back asleep around noon the next day. Bad decision, with ADHD it takes the right setting to be productive, it's a balancing act I have been perfecting over decades but for something the length of a book it needs to be absolutely perfect. In the daytime I am waaaaaay to distracted and the public places I usually work at are far too busy, particularly these last few days before X-mas.

Still, it was a great day. Instead of writing I walked. All told with the walk to the mall and back and the rest of my strolling, I walked more then ten miles and it felt good, a bit short even. The time writing has helped me a lot, I have been refocused on the reasons I started this whole sha-bang for in the first place and the many changes it has made in me. Writing has also returned to me a lot of the peace that I had in the beginning of this journey and it makes me want to get on the road. It's all about finishing up here and being patient, I have no way to get back until later anyway.

It's also come to my attention that part of my goal in this has been completed already. I have changed my life and I will never be going back to the path I left. Being in the mall made me realize how far away from that world my life has gone. I will never return to the world where 40 hours of my week are someone else's or where I make more money so that I can buy a smaller handheld computer that tells me what to do all day everyday. For some people this life is perfect, but I realized today that it wasn't just 'not for me,' it is impossible for me to return to at this point. I don't know how my life will work or where I'll go after I am done walking, but good path or bad, I know it will be the life I chose and not the path life chose for me.


Coach J said...

So, do we get to see a draft, or what?

Coach J said...

Heck yes, I'd love to tear your draft to shreds! Send me an email with a Word attachment and give me a bit of editing direction. Who is your target audience, what your "vision" for the final draft is, etc. The more info you can provide,the better job I can do as an editor. Hooray! I'm so excited!

So if I do this are we even on the whole not bringing you Hostess cupcakes to Prague thing?

Valeria said...

I made the decision to leave that rat race only after my body began to shut down and I became very sick. Your mom's friend...Val Moore

Anonymous said...

Okay, not to be a devil's advocate, but have you ever had a 40 hour work week? I applaud you for taking a different path. I'll call you tomorrow. Love you brother.