Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gainesville VII: This is the end

Just kidding, this isn't the end. Not the end of the walk anyway.

I'm happy to say that by this time tomorrow I should be caught up writing up to this point, and only about 120 miles walking wise from the Gulf Coast and the end of the book. The year is coming to an end as well and also the time where I can say, "Hey, I'm in my twenties," which rest assured I say all the time much to the confusion of my talking partners. I should probably come up with a new tag line, especially since it won't be true soon.

Yes, with the end of so many things coming, there are also beginnings coming. A new year and a new country by virtue of a new president. A new decade of my life and leg of my journey, Gulf Coast to Pacific Coast. And hopefully the beginning of me being a writer, it's either that or I really become homeless. Adventure!

New Journey, editing. Time to make my writing significantly less crapulous, in an operation I call, "Operation make my writing significantly less crapulous." Hmmm, maybe my tag line skills need some work. . . . ADVENTURE!

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