Thursday, June 4, 2009

Alhambra, CA: The feat of feet

Miles since last blog: 24.7
Miles Total: 3784.4


There's been a sacrifice. My pinky toe has lost it's nail. It's the first time that it has happened to me, but I suppose a tribute to the walk is in order and to be fair it was only a few square millimeters anyway. SO, no, it's not like my first born son or a lamb or a virgin or anything, but still I kind of liked the idea that if I was randomly polled to see how many toenails I had I could fit in the majority and say '10.' I mean, it's not that I just hop on any band wagon, but this one adds the convenience of not getting the follow up question, "How many toes do you have?" which is a bit weird. But enough about my toenails, or lack thereof.

Tomorrow is my last 'big day,' but it's still less than 20 miles to my stop point which is just 5 miles shy of the pier. I get Friday off and then a short walk in with a few friends and family before I start my next steps, whatever they may be. I'm thinking voluntary mascot for something that doesn't need it, like I could become a mascot for puppies. I'll keep thinking about it though.

The low mileage tomorrow doesn't mean the day will be any easier though. The daily treks with my heavy pack are taking a toll (see paragraph 1) on my body. My feet hurt like the first week. They feel bruised and broken and even at the end of the day when I've gotten a bit of rest and get back up to do something, I walk like an old man. My shoulders hurt, my knees hurt, my neck is doing 'interesting' things. Nearly 20 miles will be no picnic, but it will be made easier by the ever nearing Ocean which I can feel in the air and probably am fooling myself into believing I can smell, but it could just be the rain I got today.

I have no idea what the hell I am doing anymore.



Dixxe's Doodles said...

A pinky nail, wow...I guess its a small price to pay for the thousands of miles they have helped you cover...still it will be missed all your life!..Maybe it will grow back. I wish I could be among the supports that walk the last few miles to the pier!..BUT unless I win a trip to California aint gonna happen, still I will be there in spirit!

headtrip said...

I went looking for you today along Valley Blvd and Pico Blvd to do a bit of walking, but didn't see you. Hope you made it ok. If I have time on Saturday, I might try again, but I don't know from where or what time you will start.

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