Saturday, November 29, 2008

What the H@#$ are you doing in: Gainesville, FL?

Days until next blog: ?

I had been planning on doing a blog on Thanksgiving, past, present and future, being on the road, all that junk. But with rest my mind comes back as well as all the creeping problems that I can nearly outrun on the road.

Yes, I am waaaaaaay off track. I came to visit my friend and see someone I know for Thanksgiving, now I am here until sometime in the future which is unspecified. The problem is, I am down to my last few bucks, well, last few hundred bucks. I need to figure out how I can keep going, I need to find some cash or earn it. The plan is to take a few days and plan out the media and Ed. Program contacts for the route ahead, but really to take the next few weeks with a slight gin buzz trying to write the better part of a book in my friends spare bedroom.

I'm fine with having no money, but I need the promise of some sometime in the future or I won't be able to finish without an extend stay en route for work and saving cash. Of course with each month I wait somewhere saving money, the time where my 0% APR cash advance on my credit card comes to an end nears as well. It's a fine balance.

After a week or two of a head start on this writing I'll head back to where I left off, on my own again, with an uncertain future but knowing I need to move before I become a burden on my friend or settle in. It's not so much cash I need, I can stretch things out for a bit, but I need to know that there will be something in the future.

Stopping is a risk, I'll be using more cash sitting, on a bet that I could get published when I know it is certainly not a guarantee. Come on publishers, Daddy needs a new pair of shoes.


Kneece said...

we still want the blog on thanksgivings past present and future! i'm in your corner! i believe in you! your book will be fantastic!

Roger said...

Hey Skip, sounds like you're a bit conflicted-with good reason. Take a breath, a break, write a bit, maybe work a bit. Put out some feelers, do some research and soul-search. Eat oranges! Give Thanks, Everyday!
What's the book topic and goal? We have a friend with a solid publisher connection, might do some good. Let me know.
Willow's Birthday tomorrow, 30! Yea!