Saturday, April 11, 2009

Alamogordo, NM: It's all downhill from here

Miles since last blog: 14.0
Miles Total: 2924.5


All walk and no play makes Skip a dull boy.

It wasn't a long walk but it was hard and my body is tired and my shoes are old. I won't bore you with the logistics of why today was hard but if you think of the week previous and a 100 pound cart on a 14 mile downhill and 1000 mile pair of shoes you can probably figure most of it out for yourself, you're a sharp cookie aren't you?

But metaphors aren't the only things I'm mixing these days, my plans they are a moving and a grooving. I don't know if I'll walk tomorrow or how far, I'm just so freaking tired and my legs, they are acting 'funny.'

We'll just see. For now the only thing I can see in front of me is white sand in the wind, looking like clouds and whisps trailing through the desert devoid of hue or purpose save keeping the desert free of anything with its gritty blasts. This is what Mr. Clean would look like if he were a force of nature. Still, I'm a pretty determined spot.

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