Friday, April 3, 2009

Carlsbad Caverns II: The Land of Enchantment

Okay, it sounds ridiculous, but . . . sigh . . . I'm enchanted New Mexico. There. Are you happy?

Great, now I feel like I need a princess dress and a poster of a unicorn on the wall. Stupid, super awesome state. Enchanted. Ridiculous.

Nevertheless, it's true, I'm 'the E word.' I spent the day hiking around in giant caves that go down deep into the earth. How deep might you ask? Well, to get out you take a 75 story elevator (and that's not even the very bottom of the cave) to get back to the top. My host graciously set up for me to go into the caves and on a tour of the 'King's Palace' (enchanting) which included the 'Queen's Chamber' (also enchanting) and all for free. Apparently my normal 'getting stuff for free powers' were in full effect even before I picked up the tickets though as I walked through the caves before the tour for 2 hours without even knowing I needed admission for the area. My powers are not limited to this walk, I don't know why but I've always gotten a lot of things for free, I like to think it's because I'm adorable and oh so dreamy, but it's up for debate. I might only be adorable and highly dreamy but not quite "oh so" dreamy.

But enough about where I fit on the manly hotness scale, though I'm sure we could go on for hours. I got lots of film again and at this point I may need to take time off just to get some film edited and uploaded for you all to catch up with. I am constantly astounded by how busy I am, considering I am an unemployed homeless person who knows no one when he strolls into town (See above adorableness). Tomorrow, a day more than I was intending to stay, I am already slated to accompany my host on his way to work, go to breakfast with a few Park officials that have the day off and go on a day hike (because apparently hiking is what I do now when I take days off from walking) with yet another ranger with a day off. My hosts are seasonal park employees that live directly over the caverns, as in directly over them on the hollow hill that houses them.

I enjoy it here so much that I toyed with the idea of just settling for a few weeks in the spare room and when they leave being inherited by whomever moves in next.

"Okay guys," I can here my host saying to the new parkees. "You get my land yacht (a makeshift tricycle/bike device with a sail for the road) and Skip Potts with the place. The Yacht is self explanatory and Skip you just need to feed. Oh yeah and he likes beer. Take him for walks or hikes and he'll give you hours of good conversation and fun, here's the keys, watch for the skunks, see you next year."

Wouldn't that be fun? I wonder how the newbies would react.

No, I have people up the road to meet, things to see and places to get to and the road has brought me to life again. I'm enjoying myself while still looking forward to being done and seeing what's in store for me next. Do I see a giant flying squirrel suit? No, that's the distant future. Hmmmmm, in the near future I see . . . enchantment. So. Dorky. So. Enchanted.


Coach J said...

So now you're inheritable AND adorable?'ve really grown. ;)

Kneece said...

I'd totally vote on the oh so adorableness. :)