Friday, April 17, 2009

Las Cruces, NM: A Reboot with Family

I've been taking a few days off with family visiting me for the first time on the trek. Life has been good and it adds another dimension to the journey to be able to share some of my experiences from the past by revisiting them with someone.

In a 24 hour period we visited the hot desert of White Sands National Monument, The Space Museum, felt the snow fall on Cloudcroft in the Lincoln Nat'l Forest, hiked about a Sunspot Observatory and even spied a herd of African animals called an Oryx. The first time I ran into an Oryx was on the walk in, I looked out into the White Sands Missile Range and there was a long straight set of horns sticking up out of the grass. Patches of white and black moved slowly through the basin and slowly I made out the beige body which accompanying black and white spots.

Our eyes met. And I like to believe we shared a common thought, "You're not supposed to be there." I had the good sense to take a picture or two, the herd of Oryx was not so clever.

I hit the road again tomorrow, without my banner on Ando as it has finally been ripped to shreds by wind, and with my family as back up for a day into the desert. It's been a good time, a mental rest I needed and I'm ready to head for the coast again.



Dixxe's Doodles said...

I know you must be feeling refreshed inside and out. Happy Walking~onward to the coast!

Lucia said...

Oh, those are "onyx", those are definitely Oryx.

Glad you enjoyed southern NM. Come back sometime