Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Globe, AZ: Today's Blog is brought to you by the letter B

MIles since last blog: 20.6
Miles Total: 3277.2


512. As a old mathematician this number immediately feels warm to me. Something about countless nights I have run across it on my way trying to sleep.





2x32= 64




and so on . . .

and so it is an old friend with nice properties, it feels very round despite not having zeros. It feels more like a circle to me then a number with a zero in it even, maybe that's because I associate the numbers with things and characteristics, not physical looks. Numbers have feelings and personalities for me and spend a significant amount of time thinking in terms of them even where it wouldn't naturally make sense for others, like in new models of world governments or spelling of words.

Tonight 512 means two things. 1) it's about how far I have left to go, maybe a few miles further, maybe a few less. Tomorrow I'll jump below 500 miles left for certain. 2) it's the number two just as much as the number two is the number two, and the number two is the letter B. And actually, 512 isn't just two, it's nine twos, or nine B's. So here we go.

2=B=Batman Voice. When you walk up to 35 miles a day you do things to keep yourself busy, no, that's wrong, that implies you have set them in motion, that you decided to do things to pass time. In actuality this is half true, some things just happen. Like the Batman Voice. The Batman Voice is literally MY Batman voice, seeing what I would sound like as Batman as I walk down the road. I say things like, "Your an idiot" to passing cars, and yes, just plain old, "I'm Batman." Of course you have to do a Bruce Wayne as well to differentiate. None of this is really a problem until you walk into a gas station in the middle of nowhere.

"Hello," the cashier says.

"Hello," I reply. Wait a second, oh no, I just said hello in the Bat Voice. Crap, now I'm stuck speaking in the Bat Voice and being a weirdo for the rest of my shopping experience, wonderful. No chance of sticking around here, I thought to myself. The idea to simply clear my throat didn't occur to me until much later.

4=BxB=Bananas. These are good to have. They contain Potassium which is necessary to keep your muscles from cramping. But you know what you can't get in the middle of nowhere? Bananas, such is the leg predicament I have had later. I know, I know I could carry a bunch with me when I leave a town, but seriously, after a few days in the carrier at high temp, there's nothing appetizing about that.

8=BxBxB=Buying Bread. This is just a helpful tip if you are crossing the country by any means and are also, like me, eating sandwiches along the way. Buy bread in town, in a big town. When you buy bread in the middle of nowhere it's often already past the 'sale by date' because no one is there to check and they don't sell bread that often. I recently bought some of this bread, is was frozen when I bought it and I have yet to try a piece but I've had some pretty dry stuff before. Buy your bread in town.

16=BxBxBxB=Baba. Last night a nice old lady on the Apache Reservation, a Baba, bought my groceries for me after reading my sign. She was just waiting at the counter when I got there and it is a gesture that is rare and very nice. The fact that this morning to men were waiting for me on the road to Globe and had brought me a drink and some food just added to what is a very nice memory of crossing the reservation.

32=Bed. I have a hard time sleeping these days. Beds are too flat and the sleeping bag is too confining. I used to be better at this, I wonder how long it'll take to get used to sleeping in a bed again.

64=But I could have been finished already #1. If I had taken the ADT, the American Discovery Trail, to the North, I'd pretty much be done. But I took the long route and I've met people and done things that were amazing. But I could have been finished by now #2. If I hadn't taken so much time off, like a during the holidays at my friends house, I'd be done by now. Then again, the time to write and reflect was as useful as the walking itself.

128=Bah bahhh bah dah da da dahh . . . If you can't recognize that, I understand. But it is the Legend of Zelda theme song (a game in which, I can assure you, you spend a lot of time walking around) and like the Batman Voice, I was powerless to stop singing it for the final hour of my walk today.

256=Buddies. Now is the time if you ever thought about visiting me on my walk, it's getting hard at the end and I could use a visit, an email, a text or a call. It always helps to feel that connection.

512=Blogging. Yes, shortly this blog in the form you have known in for so long will cease to exist with the end of the walk. What happens then? Not even I know that.


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