Friday, March 20, 2009

ATX Redux IV: I want to ride my Bicycle

Things have been going pretty well out here at the festival. Yeah, the passion of walking is a little bit waning, but not my passion for travel or new experiences.

My new hobby, in between free food and concerts, is ogling the bikes at REI. I'm learning a bit too. I went and got my carrier's broken part replaced and did some general stock up and wheel maintenance and the bike tech, a great guy named Jeff, taught me a bit about tires. It's not a lot, but I'm learning and salivating over the thought of fast and equally green travel that is as free as walking. I've been on more and more bikes in my down time and it just seems so fast.

My friend Jolly Green sent me a message today, he's at my end point in Santa Monica and had dinner with someone I'd met in Houston. Small world, and even mores so if you're on a bike. After all, Jolly Green was in Austin just a few weeks ago and he's already at the coast. The idea of traveling 100 miles in a day, awesome.

That's one of my two fantasy purchases for the end of the trip: an awesome bike and a guitar or banjo. Yeah, music is getting into my blood, even my heart is beating in time. Alright, my heart always beat in time, that's how it always was, it helps me, you know, stay alive. Still, you get my point.

I've always considered it one of my great faults that I am not a musician. If things were perfect and money wasn't a worry, after the walk I'd be taking guitar and language lessons while riding around the country with my teachers. Super awesome fictional world huh? In this world I would also be able to fly, but that's something else. Check out 'wing suit' on youtube, it'll make your heart race.

Yes, the intrepid traveler, the James Bond of Hobos, yours truly, is not always as down as I was the other night. What, like you never have a bad day? Walking is getting a bit old, but traveling isn't and I'm really looking forward to travel to see some good friends at the end of this all. This week I've been hanging with people from earlier in my trip who live here or are also in town during SXSW. It's been nice to see people and only makes me want to finish that much more. So I can buy that sweet bike.

Video of some SXSW coming soon.


Anonymous said...

bikes are sweet and consider a uke


Dixxe Doodles said...

Biking is certainly faster than walking, I mentioned a traveler doing North to South who came through my area a couple of weeks is his set up.
I personally have a bike and ride it about once a week now the weather is warmer, but I know nothing about bikes....mine is a heavy mountain bike, and it could use a good tune up, one axle is bent due to a pot hole I hit while living in NYC. It was my main mode of transport for over 2 I cant complain about it. Now Im back in the south and its dirt roads and country hardtops.