Monday, March 9, 2009

Eden, TX: The Top Ten List

Miles since last blog: 32.2
Miles Total: 2471.2


I woke up a little earlier than I expected this morning but it's all good. My sleepiness drove me into a restaurant for breakfast and before too long I had a place to stay for the night in the town of Eden, TX. It was the right direction and distance, what were the odds? Pretty good if you know my life, but that's beside the point. The place is a closed down Motel that the family owned but was tired of the hassle of caring for since it wasn't turning a profit. I have another shower, and even cable TV!

The big news for the day is that I have 10 days or less of walking left in Texas. I may be in Texas longer while visiting towns and such, but only 10 days of actual walking before I hit a new time zone, my final three states and more than likely have two months or less left. It'll be huge, I'm choreographing a dance in my head right now. You may or may not be privy to it via video depending on how ridiculous it looks and if my feet feel good enough to actually complete the task. Also, I envision being so light and enlightened that I should be able to dance on tree tops, should no trees be available I'll have to improvise and I don't have much confidence on my ethereal sign top dancing - it's real meant for trees.

In honor of my 10 final walking days in Texas, I am, on the spur of the moment, going to do a top ten rules of walking the road list. Here we go in no particular order:

10. Never turn down help, except for a ride. Sometimes the nicest thing you can do for someone is to let them help you and let them be a part of your story.

9. Eat what you want. Your body knows a lot more about it self than the meager few centuries our medical field of research has found. I've always liked chicken McNuggets and I'm not alone. World Record Holder/Gold Medalist Usain Bolt said they were a significant portion of his diet during the Olympics. Seriously people they are a super food, the only things I eat when I'm sick. They're filled with all the hormones, antibiotics and steriods you need to defeat any virus or alien invasion and apparently also world class sprinters.

8. Don't pick stuff on the side of the road unless you're pretty sure it's clean. I wanted to throw a golfball today and after I did my hand smelled like dead stuff for hours.

7. Cops are your friends. Like any friends at times they can be annoying but they are there to help and if you remember that and stay friendly it all be fine. Not breaking the law also helps.

6. The bad times are as much a part of any story as the good, they lend spice and climaxes, don't run from them, savor them like any other part.

5. The answer is always, "No," if you don't ask. Thanks for that Free.

4. People are the most important, they are more important than anywhere you go or anything you do and are likely the reasons for both. Treat them well as you can and they will do the same.

3. DO what you want, don't just think about it. My friend Jolly Green calls it, "Paralysis by Analysis." Be selfish, he also says, "Be selfishly selfless," the idea is that if you start to do what you want, it's a positive thing and will likely lead to you doing good in the world even if it's only your attitude. In my experience, people start out a little selfish and then find that what they want to do IS helping people, as Martha Stewart would say, "It's a good thing."

2. Get water, food and bathroom breaks when you can, you'll regret it if you don't.

1. Get used to stealth pooping.

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