Monday, March 2, 2009

Austin VI: Eat Your Garbage & The Month in Math

It goes without saying that food is a major part of any trip into a new area. You can't help but eat, and if you are at all interested in a culture or adventure than the minimal inkling one can do is to delve into locals dishes. There is however more than the food, the culture surrounding food is quite interesting, where, how, what is prepared, where it is eaten, why it is so, etc. For instance, in Alabama there are a lot of what they call, 'meat and three' buffets, where you choose one main meat dish from a selection and three side dishes. I bring these up now because I am wildly behind on blogging, but some of the most significant experiences I've had recently revolve around food and its unique subcultures.

In a few days which involved live bands, art shows, two house parts for people I had just met, a Kite Festival, canoeing and a fair amount of adventure, the thing that sticks out the most in my memory is food. But just what have I been doing? Well, I've prepared a video . . .

D & D

Yeah, I ate trash. Yeah, I climbed around in a dumpster looking for food. It wasn't my favorite experience, but it was a hell of an experience. I can't say that I'll be making this a habit, but it's an incredible little subculture to stumble upon and explore if only as a spectator. After the dive, while a few people rifled half heartedly at the thoroughly sifted top of the dumpster, the experienced leaders talked about the best places to go, what you would find there and the best scores they had ever had. Wine, Chocolates, Cake and Pie that were boxed and untouched, pounds and pounds of every variety of cheese were all finds that both parties had gotten. The leader of the other group told my host how to make cheese out of the sometimes gallons of milk that they find.

I realize that for many people this blog will be weird and more than likely worry or creep you out, perhaps both alternately, which I think would look interesting if you wear your emotions, but it's an experience and who am I to deny it?

Miles Total: 2316.7
Miles this Month: 443.1
Miles Left: 1500 +/- 50
States this Month: 2
Milestones: 2 (Halfway point and 2000 miles)
Average Daily Mileage: 15.83
Average Walking Day Mileage: 24.62
Twitter Followers: 187
Countries that have viewed my blog: 33

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michellasv said...

Hey Skippy. It's your sister. You just brought back fond memories of my life in Chico where dumpster diving is definitely part of the culture I was part of when I first moved out on my own. My roommates and I would get very excited at the end of each college semester especially. Students who leave the area are often supported by their parents and their housewared, dishes, clothes, furniture end up it dumpsters when they move on. We used to score on some unbelievable things, I still use a cast iron skillet to this day that I scored out of a Chico dumpster! I don't know about eating out of them though. I figure if there is a perfectly good onion in the garbage, something could have happened to it that I don't want to imagine?