Thursday, November 27, 2008

Brantley, AL: Disaster!!!

Miles since last blog: 5


Today was nearly the worst thing that could happen for a walk and at nearly the worst time. Although my mileage for the day is 5, I actually walked about 22 miles, I just did it in the wrong direction. The problem is that a lot of roads in Alabama aren't labeled if they are outside of a city, another problem is that it was cloudy. If it's cloudy I can't tell what direction North is, or any other direction for that matter.

The plan was to do between 40 and 50 miles today, 10 or 15 Thanksgiving morning, a few Saturday night. Then good mileage Sunday through Tuesday. That would get me to Mobile still with the Back up of having Free to help with my stuff should I get into any tough spots on the road. When I figured out that I had been going the wrong direction, due West instead of South, and that I was only 5 miles closer, I wanted to throw a fit. I wanted to throw things and try to tear the car door off Free's VW golf which my laptop was sitting on. Instead I called my friend in Florida and went to McDonald's. No point in feeling stupid later too.

So I won't make it to Mobile with Free, I had nearly written it off anyway but now hope is gone. The tunnel worries me more than the bridge and I don't want to go 50+ miles around it all into the middle of nowhere.

Some fast food, a beer and a few sandwiches and I've let it go mostly. No use worrying about what I can't change. Enjoy Thanksgiving y'all, I will here.

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