Sunday, November 2, 2008

Greenville II: Growing Pains

As always when I am in a place for a few days I am starting to go a bit stir crazy. This is no doubt fueled a bit extra by the massive amounts of Halloween candy I've been eating.

I've been really enjoying Greenville. Some of the things we've done here include: finding bronze mice, walking the largest-curved-pedestrian-suspension bridge in the world (and possibly the one with the most qualifiers as well), listening to street jazz, eating at a BBQ place which hands out towels instead of napkins, learning my blues name (Pretty Liver Bradley), and of course going out for Halloween.

Tomorrow I'll be on "Your Carolina" so that's pretty cool. Things seem to be moving along as they will and I'm relaxing a bit and loosening my control. A friend of mine wrote me (actually several did, thanks all) and told me a Dutch saying, "Some people feel the rain, others only get wet."

As for people who called or wrote asking how they could help, please send the website to your friends and ask them to donate, even if it's only $5 or $10 that's enough to help a bit. I'd like to make sure it's clear that all the money goes to the non-profit, I am completely funding this walk and it's costs (or rather me and Visa) because I think that this is important. Second, if you know of any great educational programs that are doing great things or schools that need help, email me and let me know, we'd love to promote these programs and help them if we can raise funds.

I've gotta get my beauty sleep for the interview ;) Goodnight and keep on moving, I will.


Anonymous said...

That is a very positive post. I think you conveyed some great points and I especially liked the Dutch saying. It seems very Dutch.

Kneece said...

I LOVE the Dutch saying! Beautiful!