Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Troy, AL: Thank you Holiday Inn Express!

Miles since last blog: 34.9


Sleeping indoors on this cold night is enough to make me happy, but I've been lucky enough to have a visitor I met from earlier in the trip (Chapel Hill, NC) catch up with me on her way to California. It was great to see a friend and maybe I will get to see her again in Cali, also I will be heading out to an old friend's house for a few days for T-Day and some much needed R & R. When I return I'll be finishing my trek South to Pensacola, FL and the Gulf where Free and I will part ways.

From the Gulf I will be heading West until California and starting a new chapter in my journey, alone once more. Hopefully the next chapter will be literally starting as I will try to take a few weeks off over the duration of Louisiana to try and catch up on writing and possibly even editing film.

Going South . . .


Anonymous said...

Skippy, I am so glad to hear you are going somewhere for Thanksgiving. I've been thinking about that. Love you little brother. I will call you tomorrow.

Kneece said...