Friday, November 14, 2008

Newnan, GA: Biyah!!! or 'How Skippy Got his Groove Back'

Miles since last blog: 14.8


What is Biyah!!!? It's a power cry. One that will insure you won't be elected president true, but a power cry nonetheless. It's more though, it's a mantra. The Dirty Dirty had stolen from me, but I got it back. It wasn't a long walk today but it felt good. I had no iPod so I sang, I had a harmonica so I practiced playing and I enjoyed walking and seeing the country again.

Next time you feel down or powerless, let out a Biyah!!! It'll do a body good, way better than milk.


Kneece said...

you're now listening to an ipod?

Kneece said...

I meant to tell you I wanted to hear you play the harmonica on our walk. Bummer!