Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Notasulga, AL: Cold and Cold

Miles since last blog: 23.2


I took a day off yesterday to force myself to drink massive amounts of liquid in the hopes that sickness would be drowned by this morning. It largely worked, my cold is minimal now. Also in part thanks to my Couch host in Auburn who gave me various natural pills and teas and the like.

For my part today, I took several hours off to drink hot tea. First at a coffee shop and then later at a "tea time" organized by one of the roommates we were staying with. Nine lovely girls who go absolutely berzerk when you mention Chic-Fil-A, they were so convincing that we immediately went there after tea. We were left wondering.

Also, under the "In the South Football is Religion" heading, we have the question: If Auburn is the Tigers, what is "War Eagle?"

Why is this religion? Well, much like the biblical flood recounted in various religions in different ways only agreeing that there was a huge flood, the story of "War Eagle" (which is the battle cry of the Auburn Tigers) has many different tellings agreeing only that it was Georgia that they were playing and that an eagle circled the field before something crucial happened.

After that hey diverge. In one story the bird was a veterans pet who had fought in wars with him then circled the field, landed and died. In another it was a random eagle who circle, left and was later eaten by a local who shot it. The final is the no frills simplicity of good timing. Now they have a trained eagle that circles above the games. Signs, miracles, twisted tales and legends. If this isn't religion I don't know what qualifies.

After the few hours of tea break and Chick-Fil-A I scooted on down the tracks (literally the railroad tracks during the dusk hour when it is dangerous to be on the road). Tonight it is cold, I'm in a tent in the yard of a church, which has internet apparently, and I can't feel my fingers while I am typing. Time to get wrapped up in my sleeping bag and keep warm and hopefully well.


Anonymous said...

I am concerned for you, little brother. You better get well, oh and what the hell is chick-?....

Megan aka Mmapula Reamogetse said...

I just found your blog through your travelin' companion... and I'm at a loss for words! So many things to say...I had a similar experience in Georgia (I'm originally from Texas... you'll get there soon, and if you need a place to stay....), I think there is a sort of religion attached to Chick-Fil-A... they're closed on Sundays, and I'm glad you took the day for rest and to try to get better. It's pretty cool to think of you sittin in a tent tappin into wireless and postin a blog in Alabama... I'm sittin in a little room in a village in Limpopo postin ones as well. Thanks for doing what you're doing and take care of yourself, really.