Monday, January 5, 2009

Geogiana, AL: On the Road Again

Miles since last blog: 29.6


It feels good to be on the road again, everything seems fresh and new and even though I am down a buddy I am thriving on self sufficiency. I made the decision to bypass the trip to Pensacola, FL and just head the long way to Mobile, AL to avoid dangerous and potentially impassable bridges and tunnels. It packs on a few extra miles and drops out a state, but I am reveling in being in the true back country of Alabama.

Normally I am heading from big town to big town so there are towns along the way that are somewhat bolstered by their 'pit stop' capacity. Taking the long way to Mobile I am on roads to and from nowhere. I'm glad to be in the most friendly state I have yet to visit, and I am learning the local dialect. For instance, if something is working improperly, you might say, "It is done funny," or speaking in the hypothetical, you could say, "Iffin' that were true . . . " These are actual examples I picked up during dinner this evening.

I was talking with one of the example givers from above and verified that I was not taking interstates.

"I'm mostly taking back roads." She looked at me sideways.
"Thas e'en more scary." I can only assume she is afraid of dogs and/or hill people.

I'm not afraid though, I have been having a great time for most of my time in Alabama, big or small town. I've got about 150 miles to Mobile and the Gulf Coast that has been so elusive until now.



Freeland said...

Backroad, AL, sounds pretty good right about now. You didn't happen to chance upon the ugliest dog in Alabama again, did you? Ah, well. I miss you too, bud; know that I'm there with you in spirit.

Kneece said...

You made the right choice. Good for you!