Friday, January 9, 2009

Jackson, AL: and not in other news . . .

Miles since last blog: 13.6


Ahhhhh, I wasn't attacked by a pig and now this, I'm in a hotel for free again! Alabama is so nice! The only down side is that since my fellow walking compatriot Bizarro went on the National news, everyone thinks I'm him. You would think this was better than the constant Forest Gump references, but no, they are usually in concert with one another. I thought about trying to do a little media blitz of my own as I am about to reach my first coast, and a few other things not the least of which would be helping out the charity. Then I realized, I liked when those things happened, but I didn't want to spend my time pursuing it. I like what this walk is for me and what it has become by letting go of certain things like press and I'd rather keep that.

Good times and good people are ahead and I don't need to let anything outside of this journey color it. I'll think about it again in a few months when I'm approaching the end, until then, this is me time.

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