Sunday, January 11, 2009

McIntosh, AL: There's a cold wind a blowin'

Miles since last blog: 25.9


Not raining, but so cold. Today at noon it was a balmy 37 degrees F which for those science whizzes out there is just 5 about freezing. Perfect weather for running shorts and earmuffs, plus, oh so stylish. By the way, on the subject of earmuffs, if you haven't ever eaten a frozen Snickers bar with earmuffs on, don't it's like your ears are in your mouth and there is nothing sexy about the noises they hear.

On other fronts there isn't too much to report, two days from the Gulf and I saw an actual Bear Xing sign today, so apparently, alligators are not the new bears, alligators are alligators and bears remain bears. Hope all is well in your worlds my little worker bees. Maybe that little piggy the other night was a bear . . . hmmm.

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