Thursday, January 8, 2009

Whatley, AL: This little piggy better not attack me

Miles since last blog: 30.5


Before I left Monroeville I had yet another bout of unsolicited generosity, on the way out of town I stopped by a small grocery store and picked up some bread and peanut butter, the manager said, "no charge." I am in awe of this town, it was to bad I had to leave. My legs seem to be getting back into the swing of things at least as far as distance goes, but I am sure not moving as fast as I was when I did this in my twenties, he he.

It was a long walk and I am bedded down on a little plot of land off a dirt road where a little while ago I think I heard pigs rustling around outside. I remember someone asking me if I was afraid of hogs or boars just the other day and realizing that it never would have occurred to me to be scared of these attacking me in the wild unprovoked. I remain unafraid, perhaps this is my mistake, but we'll just see if wilbur attacks me in the night.

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Freeland said...

Obviously you never watched an episode of "Deadwood." Mr. Wu's pigs man... Vicious. And don't forget about "Snatch." (Insert Skip joke here.)