Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Orleans-East, LA: The Final Five

Miles since last blog: 30.8
Miles Total: 1784.2


Wow, yesterday was great. I stayed an extra day up in Mississippi with a disaster relief group and helped out. It's amazing how much there still is to be done even three years after the Hurricanes. Mississippi is in pretty good shape too, I came into Louisiana today and it's rough in areas, but more on that another day.

Mississippi was a great state, friendly and fun but surprisingly almost all of the people I met there were transplants from somewhere else, I guess a good place catches good people like flypaper catches flies. In Mississippi I learned to sloooooow down. Not that I was leaving a fire trail across the country, but I am really just taking things as they come now and enjoying myself, I'll worry about the massive amount of debt I'm racking up when it's all over and I have to get back to reality, for now it's a once in a life time trip and I feel like I am taking full advantage of that fact.

The good news about entering Louisiana is that I am officially in my final five states, ok, so one of them is Texas which is bigger than many countries are . . . put together, but still, I'm a math guy and I like that the states fit on my fingers now. Is it too early to play "the Final Countdown" on repeat for the rest of the trip?

I've included for your viewing pleasure a retrospective on Mississippi, ahem, Biyah.


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