Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pearlingon, MS: Okay, okay, I'll stay another day

Miles since last blog: 18.9 (+4 for the not-detour)


I got a late start which was compounded by going down a road where a bridge was out and having to back track. My intention was to get about 15 or more miles into Louisiana today, but that was not to be. The very good side of this was that I've met even more cool people and a girl I didn't couch surf with in Gulfport sent me along food and socks. How many socks? Well, I can't shake a stick at them, that's how many socks I have now. Her mom was sweet and adorable and also had donations for me which was great.

Later, I was stopped by a nice man named Shu shu who works at the local Stennis Space Center of Nasa and warned not to go into Louisiana at night, muggings and terrible roads and all. Those of you who know me also know this would not dissuade me.

A mile later or so, I was stopped again by a lovely pair of ladies with hispanic accents telling me to stay at the Presbyterian Disaster Center, and no, this is not a center for Presbyterian Disasters, but rather Presbyterians helping out after disasters. When I say they told me to come here, I mean it. They told me I would stay at the center, they told me they had food and water and beds and lots of young people from all over the world. They drove by and checked that I was going there no less than three times and said they'd come by and make sure.

I stopped in with the plan to eat and wait until they checked up on me and then head out under cover of darkness, then I checked my email. Turns out my next couch surfing place flaked out on me, he's sick and doesn't want me to get sick. So caring to think of me by having me sleep in the cold. Ha, foiled spoilsport! Now I am ahead of schedule and have a whole RV to myself. Showers, Washing Machines, FOOD and water. Rocking, I think I might stay here for my extra day and do some Hurricane Damage Fixin' with the people that run the place.

Wow, for a state that is only 80 miles on my route, I sure am taking my time.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, it is kind of crazy that you stayed in Pearlington at the Presbyterian center. (Oh, this is Free's cousin again) Free's aunt (my Mom) has been going to that camp twice a year since Katrina to help rebuild Pearlington! I went with her once and had a blast drywalling and eating at the local church. SMALL World!