Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monroeville, AL: My cup runneth over

Miles since last blog: 45.9


I've slowed down a bit in the wake of my massive writing hiatus. After my blog the other night I walked a few more miles and settled down in a not so sleepy berg named Starlington. I went to sleep to flashlights and woke to cars pulling up to see who i was, a brief chat and I was on my way. Last night there was supposed to be a huge storm, and there was, but luckily in another sleepy wayside I found an abandoned Volunteer Fire Station, complete with fire trucks but lacking in lights or running water. I settled in for a very early bedtime at about 6pm to be awakened at 8 by what sounded like a plane landing on the roof, it was a big storm.

At 5:30 am I headed into the lively town of Monroeville, I had been out of water for nearly a day and had nothing to eat except energy bars for two days. Between towns out here, there is nothing, real nothing, no gas stations, barely any houses or trailers. I came into town and immediately if not instinctually headed to my food of preference, it has been noted I have a proclivity for Triple Whoppers. I didn't know that there was a BK in town, in fact, my GPS said there wasn't, but I found one and they were waiting.

When I entered at the back of the restaurant an employee was already halfway across the lounge to me.

"You want a burger?" He asked.
"Yeah, sure." I was completely surprised, no one had been so forward or nice in all of my travels even though people had been getting nicer the further I got South and especially here in Alabama. I set my stuff down and went to grab my burger.
"No, don't give him that. Give him a double whopper." The managers voice said from behind the counter. I took the chance to wash my hands. I came out to find them waiting.
"Here you go." They handed me a tray. My whopper had sprouted to a triple whopper and bred a whopper jr to boot, they brought an apple pie and french fries for company. I was shocked. During my meal the manager came over.
"Let me know before you go, I'll set you up."
When I finally did leave she sent me packing with 9 sandwiches, 2 apple pie slices (which are surprisingly good), two bags of apple slices and two bottled waters.

I'd been in a lot of pain and was tired before I stopped off, but this was the boost I needed, I decided I'd keep moving towards my goal in Mobile. On a whim I stopped off at the police office to see if there was a place in town I could get a shower before I headed out again. The police sent me over to the Sheriff's and the sheriff set me up with a hotel room for the night that I just couldn't refuse. Apparently local church groups kept funds available for rooms for people passing through. And so, I remain the night in Monroeville, the friendliest town I have ever been to. It was a great pick me up in spirits after feeling a lot of pain on the road. I guess that I have 5 days to the coast if everything goes as scheduled,


Kneece said...

i'm really curious to see if louisiana will follow the trend of being even friendlier, since you will be a bit further south by then. :) i have faith in our old state. i'd say we're a pretty friendly bunch. so glad you have a warm bed and warm food in your belly. makes me smile!

Anonymous said...

This small experience is amazingly touching. I'm sorry you have to leave. I want to know about these people and this town. What if the whole world behaved with as much warmth, kindness and generosity toward each other? Most of us are not that generous and charitable to people we know, let alone strangers. There is a life lesson in Monroeville.


Anonymous said...

Hi. You don't know me, but I am a cousin of Free's. I realize that may or may not be a good recommendation. =) I started reading his blog, and by association, yours. His is pretty much done, but I still check in on yours. I am glad to hear the South is treating you so well. I was wondering if you have ever heard two James Taylor songs... Walking Man and Country Road. They made me think of your journey. You should check them out sometime.