Monday, January 12, 2009

Satsuma, AL: This is the end

Miles since last blog: 44.8

Update: Made it, saw the sunrise, heading West.


Or rather the end of the first half, if you will.

Right now I am in a gas station charging my things and resting up for a drive, and by drive I mean long sustained effort, to the Mobile Bay coast. It's about 20 miles from where I am so I'll be walking through the night and then napping in the day when I get there. After that, off to my first CouchSurf in a long time. I'm looking forward to this part of my journey ending and the Journey West, South is so last year.


Jesse and Bruce Walk America said...
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Jesse and Bruce Walk America said...

Hey Skip,
Just got your message and I think meeting up would be great if we can work it out. Send me your e-mail so I can get you my #. Or send yours to
I look forward to following you and meeting you.


Kneece said...

I totally agree. South is so last year! :) West is the new South, they say. That's why I came West. See ya when ya get here! :)