Saturday, May 2, 2009

Apache Junction II: Walking off into the Sunset

Miles since last blog: 31.6
Miles Total: 3334.5


Deep breathes, this is one of the moments you've been waiting for Skip. Deep Breathes.

The Walk is almost over. In fact, I have the exact date and time I plan to finish and plenty of time to reach it.

The Date: 6/6/9
The Place: The Santa Monica Pier
The Time: Approximately 2:00 pm


I'd love for you to be there. Yes you, and you too. And you. I'd love to see as many people show up, new faces or old, to show support for the charity, the walk and of course if there's any more support left, a bit for me. I'm not kidding when I say that this will be one of the first great moments of my life, hopefully the first of many more, and I would like to generate as much energy and press as possible for everything involved. So, in short, come and walk or just watch me walk in.

After the end I'm hoping to find a park or some place in town where we can all congregate and do a potluck/party type event. Any help in the selecting of venue, organizing, contacting the press or anything else is very welcomed since I will be limited with what I can do. And by all means, invite everyone you know, the best problem I could have right now is too many people show up.

Check out, my contact info is on there if you want to help.


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