Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chiriaco Summit, CA: Preparing for Reentry

Miles since last blog: 36.3
Miles Total: 3624.7


Soon my loyal followers, soon you will hear of my journey across the desert. You must be patient, but here's a glimpse at the future.

Tar Baby Cacti
The Salton Sea
Joshua Tree
Painted Rocks
Buttocks Hydration
Walking the Earth and doing good (take notes Hulk and guy from Kung Fu, I don't beat anyone up)
The Cage Fighting Pastor
A Gay Old Time
Goodbye to Old Friends

I'll do my best to catch up soon, but feel free to put your vote in on which of these you'd like the most to hear about since I am not sure I'll get to them all . . .


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Dixxe's Doodles said...

Reentry-- the perfect word, and you will need a longgg debriefing session. The Cage Fighting Pastor is a very intriguing title...has me wondering WTH is that one about..along with Painted Rocks, since Im into art..all the titles are of interest when you have time!
Happy Walking-