Sunday, May 10, 2009

Avondale, AZ: Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!

Miles since last blog: 19.6
Miles Total: 3390.2


That's right I've finally moved on from my temporary roost of Phoenix and back towards the goal of the Pacific Coast only four weeks away and now less than 400 miles which gives me TONS of time to consider my strategy post walk for this thing people call 'life.'

At one point during the day an electronic sign flashed me the miserable info that in that particular intersection with all the asphalt's help it was a dismal 113F. I think I'm gonna have to make some adjustments. I've never been particularly good at enduring heat, mostly it just makes me tired and I had to seek refuge a few times today. I see more night and early morning walking in my future but it begs the question: When will I sleep? I'm not really good at sleeping in the heat or waking up in the morning so admittedly the low temp areas of the day are problematic for walking as well. Hmmm, I'll have to think about this one a bit more while I'm walking. The good thing is, if I think long enough and keep walking I won't need a solution anymore because I'll be through the desert.

Though I am still in the Phoenix Metro Area with gas stations and restaurants I couldn't find a place to sleep on this side of town so I am camping out, bummer, I had been hoping to get a few dozen more miles out before I ran out of opportunities to shower and sleep in a cool room. I'm trying to sleep in the heart of a business complex on the gamble that no one will be here on an early Sunday morning before I wake up and I can get out with charged gear and move on to find a napping place tomorrow afternoon, we'll see how well all this works out. Oh well. In other news, my favorite traveling bear, Kodiak, has returned to the road and begun to blog again. You may remember him from his brief stint with me in Texas. Good travels Kodiak.

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