Friday, May 15, 2009

Quartzsite, AZ: Bodily Harm

Miles since last blog: 35.9
Miles Total: 3508.1


It's always whining about the heat isn't it? Let's change that. Due to the thing we aren't mentioning I am having a few bodily issues besides fatigue, the most interesting of these is that the tip of my left index finger occasionally goes numb or to sleep. I'm attributing it to the heat and dehydration, but I don't really know. That one is my favorite, when it first started, I just pretended a tiny venomous spider had bitten me and that was the entire effect, stupid little spider.

Another injury which is indirectly from heat is my neck. The other day when I was hopping fences to cool off in aqueducts I somehow irked where my neck meets my back and now I act like Michael Keaton's Batman. You know the one, the one that has to turn his whole body to see something next to him, that Batman. Mostly it doesn't effect me much walking but every so often I like to see if a car is going to send my flying into the desert and when I turn to look behind me, I turn to look behind me.

In addition to these are: all my finger tips are peeling, normal blisters, dry skin breaking off, burns and a small friction rash on one leg.

And then there are the people. They've been nice in Quartzside, aside from one bad apple which I'll talk about later but it is my understanding that he does not spoil the whole bunch . . . girl. Since I arrived this afternoon I have been bought lunch, a shower (at a truck stop, I didn't know about these) and now even a hotel room at the Super 8 Motel that I didn't know existed until the end of my night when I strolled by it as I was leaving town.

Good town and a good night for what is probably my last night in Arizona, I'm not sure though, I have a number of different plans from here to Indio, CA and I have decided what to do yet. Heat and hotel rooms are the most likely factors in my near future processing. Tomorrow, you'll hear about the Bad Apple, not tonight, it will be part of the story of my illustrious return to my birth state (geographically, at least). Huzzah!


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Kathleen Dent said...

I have some crazy potent stuff called "tiger balm" that Jason gave me. It works WONDERS on hurt body parts. I'll bring it with me on Monday.