Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tonopah, AZ: El Dorado Hot Springs

Miles since last walk: 21.9
Miles Total: 3429.2


I know what you're thinking, "Hey, why is Skip naked?" Okay, you can't see me but you are probably now thinking, "Hey, why did Skip just tell me he's naked?"

Well, for either question the answer is the same. Tonight upon reaching Tonopah I had a quick dinner and was on my way back out into the desert to take advantage of the bright moon and cooler night air. I made it about a block. A block into my journey I came to El Dorado, the City of Gold. Except the gold is spring water, and the city is really a laid back hot spring with a little camping area. The good people here let me in gratis (free) and I got to partake of a wonderful set of varying temperature spring water tubs, and in the nude!

"Why are you going on about being naked?" you might rightly ask. Well, maybe not, many people know the joys of nudity, but it is really something more here. Being someone that typically camps on the side of the road or sleeps on someone's couch, I don't typically get to spend a lot of time in the buff, occasional hotel stints but as much as I am able to feel at home in almost any place, I don't really feel at home in hotels ever. So being free of clothes and feeling comfortable, well, it's been a very long time.

The El Dorado Hot Springs are awesome, quite the oasis for a weary traveler. As I sat in the tub I let my arms stretch out along the sides and my shoulders rest on the back, heels out before me touching the bottom of the tub and the rest of my body rising and falling with my breaths and the air in my lungs. It was heaven. I went back and forth between the warm and cool tubs for more than an hour as a few people came and went in the other tubs. No need for the hot spring tonight and relaxing, watching the stars overhead and floating there was perhaps the first time my body felt cool and complete on this entire trek.

My bed is a pillow topped lounge chair that I plan to stay birthday suited up for since it is very likely one of the only chances I will have in my entire life to sleep naked in the desert with no fear of creatures and feel the wind on my skin, what an incredible way to spend the night. I may try to do a work trade with them and spend another night to get some video, pics and rest, otherwise it's back to the desert with this salty dog. Time to get back in the tub.


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Dixxe's Doodles said...

It sure looks inviting! I think a few days there would make the all wrongs right! ENJOY