Thursday, May 7, 2009

Phoenix II: Days go by

The thing which is most beautiful about my life, and as you've seen there are hard parts, but the most beautiful part is the unexpectedness. Not only do I do unexpected things, which I'll get to, but since my life has no real 'baseline,' or usual, every experiences maintains the richness that is so inherent in the deed. Sleeping indoors for instance, a shower, anything that might seem normal in a life of routine, with the exception of walking, is vibrant for me. The same way you can taste something better with a clean pallet, that's the way I taste life, and the hard parts of my life lend as much flavor as the good times, after all, if you ate sweets all the time you wouldn't really know the taste of sweetness.

And the unexpectedness, well, it's unexpected. One night I'll be hanging out with a beautiful blonde woman who grocery shops out of dumpsters and is dating a homeless guy, and I sleep on the floor of her unheated apartment. Another night, there I am staying in a luxury high-rise, driving a BMW SUV and eating a dinner including hand-rolled Kim Chi brought back from Seoul, South Korea on dry ice and Kobe beef grilled on a tiny clay barbeque from Japan made by my gay Hawaiian host.

Life is like Kim Chi, you don't know what the hell is in it until you try it, and still there's a bit of mystery. Okay, it's not as poetic as Forest Gump, but at least I'm original

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Dixxe's Doodles said...

Once I watched Oprah...and she had this group of people who cruize the streets of NYC to open up the trash bags and find all sorts of food still in the store-wrap. I used to live in NYC and I know tons of food is tossed to the curb. I'd rather grow my own tho~.
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