Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Phoenix, AZ: Triple Digits

Miles since last blog: 12.5
Miles Total: 3370.6


Not much to report from here, working on catching up on the videos for those of you who enjoy them better than work and beginning the first day what what conspires to be uninterrupted triple digit heat until I hit the other side of the desert in California. But at least my distance left is only triple digits too.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, here is el video.




Coach J said...

Videos are waaaaay better than work. And grading. And going to the gym. Thanks for ruining my schedule. ;)

Dixxe's Doodles said...

Triple digits...no fun! Im going to watch the video as soon as it streammmmmssss on my dial up. Happy walking tomorrow.

exoticdvm said...

Hey Skip! Loved the Carlsbad video! We hit the caverns back in December on our VW Bus road trip. Are the bats back from their wintering grounds yet?

Texas must have been a really long state dude. Congrats on walking that.