Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Austin, TX: R & R

Miles since last blog: 33.3
Miles Total: 2312.6


Only 1500 miles to go! Well, it doesn't sound that small on paper, but believe me, from where I'm standing, that's looking pretty good. Once I finish this I can go on with my life of being homeless and unemployed, but much much faster. Speaking of where I'm standing, that is in a CS host's place in ATX, or Austin to you who are not in the loop, seriously, what's with you, get in here already, THE LOOP ROCKS!

Austin seems like a pretty cool place, actually it seems like a Seattle if someone stuck Seattle under a heat lamp. The day started with my new friends in Bastrop though. I got a ride to where I had left off, and on the way i bought myself a new cowboy hat at the gas station to keep me from looking so much like a lobster all the time. On my walk into Austin my friends drove by again and delivered some much needed sustenance in the form of candy and sports drinks and hugs, good group of people they be. Then the forever trip to Austin, the problem with why I am having such a hard time moving I figured out, is that I am already in break mode. I knew I was taking a few days off when I got to Austin and my mind was already there waiting for my poor wretched body to catch up. Either that our the terrible allergies that have now followed me halfway across Texas. If it's the allergies, I understand it'll stop when I leave Austin, ding dong the nose is dead, I'll sing it all the way to San Angelo.

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Anonymous said...

I have to say, every time I'm in Texas I have allergy problems. As a child living in Texas I was sick all the time. Once we moved to Cal I became magically healthy. It may be the ragweed, it may be the grasses, it is definitely genetic.