Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Deweyville, TEXAS: The sleeping giant wakes

Miles since last blog: 32.9
Miles Total: 2029.0


My internet reception is really poor tonight so I'll be brief and do more some time tomorrow.

Big Day! Texas, new shoes, 2000 miles, rain! This is like a whole months worth of action in just one day.

Any guesses as to how long it will take me to cross this bad boy? Closest guess wins a personally delivered memento from my trip at some point in the future. . . unless you live somewhere I don't want to go ever, but what are the odds of that?


Coach J said...

Careful... you don't want to mess with Texas. I heard that's a bad idea...

Anonymous said...

This is your sister, a month and a half is my guess. This is Dave, 5 years, ha ah ha ah

Kneece said...

It took me one long 12 hr ish day to drive across Texas. It also takes me 45 min to drive from Crowley to Sulphur, LA. And it took you two days (if I recall correctly) to walk from Crowley to Sulphur. Thus, with this formula (you know how strong I am in Math), I'm going to say that you could walk across Texas in 24 days if you don't take any days off, and walk long, hard days. However, I know you. You will inevitably take days off, so to be different from your sister, I'm going to say 43 days. :) Bring plenty of water and sandwiches for that stretch from San Antonio to El Paso, b/c there is NOTHING out there and I don't want you to pass out and die from heat exhaustion or starvation! Seriously! Are you following the I-10ish route from San Antonio to El Paso?

Kathy * KD * Kathleen * KatyLou said...

This is your cousin. I've lived in Texas before. Anything between San Antonio and El Paso isn't worth seeing... EVER. Screw the walking. Fly! Fly I tell you! Okay, then drive! Get on a Greyhound and DRIVE! Google Earth Odessa, TX. Yeah.... that's a great representation of West Texas! Holy crap! I have a great idea! I will email you though... it's secret!