Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dayton II: Ouch

Took the day off today because I woke up with a ceased muscle in my calf, any of you who have seen one of my calves can imagine a fraction of the painful problem this could be. I'll be heading out tomorrow with a poor, but recovering leg and a newly duct taped Cherry's hip. I had hoped to get some miles in today to lessen the load tomorrow but it wasn't to be. 33.5 tomorrow, I'll be leaving early and taking plenty of breaks, or at least that's the plan. Wish me luck, I have a 7 day straight haul through Houston and into Austin with mostly 30 mile days ahead.

oh yeah, and until I get my "rugged external hard-drive" replaced (it seems 'rugged' doesn't cover normal usage, the port broke but the drive is fine) no more videos, bummed but undeterred. Over and out.

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