Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Houston III: Insanity

My last day in Houston, TX and the whole visit has been a whirlwind.

As a walker, I am accustomed to a lot of time alone, and at a very slow pace, 3-3.7 mph to be exact. When my CS host introduced me to roughly a billion people all talking in technical jargon and internetese, well, while wonderful, it was also overwhelming. It's a kind of culture shock on LSD.

The whole scene I've been in here is a lot of net savvy individuals with gadgets and toys and an incredibly fast paced networking world that while I am thankful it exists, is one of the things I that I thought I was leaving behind me what with being unemployed and homeless and all. Wasn't it just this last summer I was wandering the high deserts with only a knife as a tool?

We've been doing video and setting me up on various sites like twitter.com and they are even trying to get me sponsors. Tonight is a happy hour where a portion of the proceeds go to the charity, they are trying to get me set to speak to classes while on the road via the internet so that I can do more with schools and keep moving on my journey, a welcoming party is being planned in Austin. All this in the last four hours. Fast paced. Suddenly I have 50 people following me on a internet site I hadn't even used before yesterday, it's very good, and a lot to take in during a few hour stretch for my now slow moving cranium.

If you are in Houston, come on down to Coffee Groundz tonight @ 7 for the happy hour or to meet me and call me Forest Gump, yeah, everybody does that but it's okay, you can too. Let the insanity continue!




melissa said...

Great to meet you tonight, gives me another footnote to add as I'm spreading the word about your cause. Hope you can come back to Houston someday and appreciate a little more of our relaxedness! Save travels.

Melissa (@mellowynk)

melissa said...

safe travels, even. <_<