Monday, February 16, 2009

Houston, TX: Might as well face it, your allergic to . . . ?

Miles since last blog: 33.5
Miles Total: 2145.5


It's been made clear to me that I am staying here until at least Tuesday. Tomorrow's docket: foot massage and fixing my video problems.

In other news, I may be allergic to sitting still. Seriously, I'm fine all day but when I lay down towards the end of the day my nose starts running and I need to sneeze. I've been in different places and different clothes, so what's this all about?


Coach J said...

So you're in Houston, eh? If you're in the area, check out Rice University. Really nice campus. Take care of those feet.

Lisa Salazar said...

Everybody has allergies in Houston. Between the mold (from all the humidity) and the refineries, there is just no getting away from it.