Friday, February 6, 2009

Crowley, LA: Rice Capitol of the USA!!!

Miles since last blog: 23.9
Miles Total: 1939.2


Yes, here I am in the Rice Capitol, are you as excited as I am? Don't even pretend you're not, it's futile, we're both a twitter. Really, it seems like an alright place. I certainly like the name, it sounds like it should be the last name of a rugged mountain man or something, "Big Jack Crowley chops wood with his bare hands," that type of thing.

I found out that it was the rice wonder of the western world from a lady on a bike while walking to my couchsurfers, immediately after what may have been the laziest attempted mugging ever, or it could have been a joke. Three young men in a black car rolled up on me.

"You walking across America?" One of the boys in the front seat asked.

"Yes," I said.

"How much money you got in your pocket?" said the guy in the back seat.

"About five dollars."

"How 'bout I be gettin' that?"

I laughed, "no, I don't think so" the guy in the front resumed questioning me about the walk while the guy in the back just smiled. They drove off and then a woman on a bike rode up and told me where I was and why it was special. I appreciated the unsolicited information and was able to use it to impress my host with my new knowledge.

My host is young, the whole house is 18 and 19 year olds that grew up in Crowley. She signed up because she found it randomly on the internet and maybe, just maybe, because she dreams of visiting Japan. I can't help but wonder what would have become of me if I were born in a small town like this one, I have always considered myself fortunate to have led the life I have, would I feel the same way if I lived in Crowley or Taipei? I doubt I would ever have moved to Prague had I started here, where would I be working, what would I be doing? I have my ideas but I'll keep them to myself for the moment but it's an interesting exercise, the next time you're driving through a small town or a big town, whatever is foreign to you, take a mental moment to live there.

Oh yeah, and speaking of fantasies, here's my video app for 'the best job in the world" you should think about applying too, you never know . . . And thanks to my new friend who brought me 1.5 pounds of whopper awesomeness!

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