Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lafayette, LA: Forget about it

Miles since last blog: 13.5
Miles Total: 1915.3


I made my short way to Lafayette after having a strangely comfortable camping experience behind a hedge at the Henderson McDonald's. I woke up feeling rested which was enough but what was strange was that I felt really comfortable, if only every night I could find such a good place to sleep . . . or maybe it was the two dinners I had at the Waffle House trying to cope with my car ride. The people at the Waffle House were incredibly nice and even bought me both meals, my disappointment about yesterday's failure is fading and the wise words of some good people from my past are no small part of that.

Strangely, I find thoughts of the future creeping into my head and milling about no matter what I do. With moving ever closer towards my end goal, it seems that new possibilities are floating out ahead. There's a few things that look pretty tantalizing, and a lot of traveling I feel necessary, but some things are simply out of my control. Things will fall how they may and I suppose I'll just deal with them then, at least I have my position at the Survival School nearly locked up. One thing that this trip is excellent for, learning to let go of things, out here very little is under your control, basically while you walk you're limited to 'stop' or 'keep going.' With no other real choices on the road, letting go of things is a survival skill, and it's pretty relaxing too once you get the hang of it.

Not much to report about the walk today, had the best hot chocolate I've ever had at a place called 'the coffee break' in the quaint little town of Breaux Bridge. I'm staying with a friend from Prague for the next two nights here in Lafayette and then its off to Lake Charles and the ominous Texas Border where I will hopefully become even more


By the way, for those of you who follow the blog, I have already spotted a book by Elie Weisel, a banjo, and two copies of 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.'


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