Sunday, February 1, 2009

Baton Rouge III: The Month in Math

Miles since last blog: 2.0
Miles Total: 1873.6


Miles in January: 423.1
Average Daily Mileage: 13.65
Average Walking Day Mileage: 22.27
Mileage left: 1967.5 (give or take a few hundred miles :))
Countries reading my blog: 23 (I know, I'm stunned too)
States this Month: 3
Amazing people and experiences: Countless

Yes, this month I have been taking it a bit slow, but I have a feeling that's all going to change soon here. I've been stunned and gratified by all the emails and comments, and in case you were wondering, if you have suggested a song or movie I've watched and enjoyed it. Thanks for the suggestions all.

Today I watched the Super Bowl, there is only know one person that cares about football whom I actually know what team they were routing for, so I chose that team and they won. Hooray, I guess, but I had to watch right? Walking across America and snubbing the Quintessential USA sports event would be sacrilegious. I must say, commercials, not so interesting, where were my Superhero movie previews. Oh well, life goes on.

Probably here in BR for one more day, then it's off like a shot and into the West. Texas, I'm a comin' fer ya.

And here's a random video from the good old days with Free


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