Friday, February 20, 2009

Bellville, TX: The Good, The Bad and The Funky

Miles since last blog: 35.0
Miles Total: 2203.7


Reverse order shall we? Why not, it's my blog after all.

I know from my experience at Survival School that there comes a point where the fact that you haven't had a shower becomes inconsequential. This does not happen in the first few days. Consequently on the second day of any venture out into the bold world of camping after 30+ mile walks you sometimes catch a whiff of some element of odor that you are sad that you have any part in. What's worse is it's probably largely created by you and not anything you stepped in so it's not going away. This is compounded by the fact that I am in a used sleeping bag, a sleeping bag which I only use after log sweaty walks with no shower. It has never been cleaned, I don't know if it ever will get cleaned, but there is definitely something magical inside it. Not the good kind of magic, dark magic, like the shadows that take bad guys away after they die in the movie 'Ghost,' that kind of magic. Yes. my life is glamourous.

Also, I have 70 miles to cover in the next two days (and tomorrow is supposed to be rainy) in order to reach my next couchsurf/opportunity for a shower on time, long days, I really shouldn't even be blogging, need my rest you know.

People continue to be surprising and kind. I was approached in a unique way tonight while I was dining at the fine Texan cuisine of the DQ (Dairy Queen). I man came up with his little girl and she was wide eyed and shy. He told me that she wanted to know what I was doing. It was adorable the way she was so interested and the way her eyes got wider when I told her I was walking across the country. I wondered if she had ever imagined something so big or if it was the first time she was encountering it, it's a great light to see in someone for the first time. The parents were very kind and asked questions and then they even gave me a new bright headlamp which will come in handy pretty soon here. It was probably the highlight of my day.

Now I am off to bed, behind a church as per my normal M.O., but this time I scored the trifecta: church, power outlet, under a covering, that's just about as good as it gets out here people. Alas, I have a 40 mile walk tomorrow and a Saturday night, which means no Church camping due to Sunday morning service. I'll find something, always do.

Oh yeah, and my luck holds, this power outlet is the only reason I'm not covered in water thanks to a sprinkler right now.

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