Monday, October 6, 2008

Alexandria II: Toto, I don't think we're in Egypt anymore 10-06-08

Okay, I have a confession, no that sounds too ominous, a decision then.

I've been convinced to get in cars and public transportation on my days off. My hosts at various places as well as my friends and family have convinced me that it isn't cheating. In the end the only person I had to convince was myself, for some reason I had this diehard conviction that I needed to do this whole thing in unbroken steps. I realized though that it is the best interest of the charity work as well as everything else for me to not be so rigid.

In any case, today was a good example of why. We rode the metro into the city to visit 2 teachers unions, NPR and National Geographic. We got contacts and promises, we'll see where things lead, but a connection with any of them would help the charity as well as the documentary immensely.

Tomorrow is looking like a nice long day so I'll be getting up early to make the 43 or so miles, to where my next bed might possibly be, in the daylight. It'll feel good, hopefully I can get to Richmond dry, soon I won't be so lucky . . .

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Sierra said...

Hey Skip, yes, catch a ride to potential progress! The promise to complete the end-to-end walk is separate from that, and unless you somehow think that makes it more meaningful...? I promise to die someday, but on the way I'm taking some fun and important side trips, you know? Good work, we hope to hear of you on NPR, maybe we can somehow put in a word for you. L8R, Roger and Linda