Saturday, October 4, 2008

Washington, DC II: District of Cool-umbia 10-04-08

Miles walked since last blog: 0 (actually, many, but not on my route so . . . )

Well, we are waiting around until Monday more or less. We want to head by a few possible leads and the weekend isn't a great time to do that. Nevertheless, we shot some good (I hope) footage today for some online videos and the documentary and even got a few photos which I know I've been lacking. Give a brother a break, it's hard to photograph yourself walking and how many of those arms length camera shots of me could you possibly deal with? I mean, I'm pretty but even I need some variety.

I've gotta say though, it is pretty cool coming to the nations capitol and seeing so many famous and historic sights in such close proximity to each other. We interviewed some people at the National Mall (which is not the kind with stores, it's really like a park with awesome buildings everywhere) about education and politics and a few other things and it felt productive in a good way. Something different and meaningful in some sense more than just distance. (Obligatory woo hoo! here)

With the pros come the cons unfortunately, and there are plenty of cons in this town, wink wink, nod nod. I still have no connectors for either my film or video cameras to my computers to load things on the internet you kids all seem so crazy for, I tried, I did. Alas, at the electronics store I went 0 for 2 with my purchases as far correctness and functionality.

Though we won't be leaving town completely tomorrow there is some possibility we'll be heading to the south side so that when we get moving we'll be a few hours ahead of if we stay here. My legs could use a stretch anyway. I need to be walking, when I stop my appetite is ridiculous and unreasonable. Last night I bought a ton of food thinking it would last me a while and even with going out for breakfast it was mostly gone by 10 a.m. I'm gong to need a second non-profit just to feed myself soon.

Tomorrow we hope to help our host paint her living room as thanks for letting us stay, we'll see how that goes. For now it's time to research the future, from what I have heard today it seems to involve a political decision of some sort or quite possibly lizard people in silver suits, it depends on what channel I turn on.

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karen said...

Try the Xshot to take a picture of yourself, it's pretty cool: it's like an telescopic arm you attach to your camera, takes a pix with the self timer from 3 ft...I just used it today at the beach and got 5 of us in the picture, including me for once...check it out at