Saturday, October 25, 2008

Charlotte, NC: Bizarro Skip

We met, we battled, we talked, we hugged it out, we compared gear, stories, calf muscles, we filmed, we did interviews for the news, etc, etc. In all the hubbub we never got around to actual walking which adds a little to the next few days, but I think it was worth it to meet another maniac walking across the country.

Tonight we're at a friend of Free's and tomorrow I start my trek towards Greenville and the next press blitz. We hope to meet with some schools and programs along the way and have been getting some solid interviews with locals and teaching professionals. It's nice to be getting around this corner of the work and into a place which is more directly linked to what the whole thing is supporting.

As always, I'm tired, but it was quite an experience to meet Bizarro

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