Friday, October 24, 2008

Charlotte, NC: The Promised Land

Miles since last blog: 31.1

Well, the last 7 miles the other night proved fateful. After narrowly avoiding a truck on a bridge, my headlamp went out, an hour later, my wheel went flat again. I went the last mile on the side and front wheel only, "Dukes of Hazarding" it in. Along the way a couple pulled over and offered me a ride to Richfield (which is where I stayed that night). They had seen me about 30 miles earlier leaving Asheboro and it was around 11 pm at the time (before my tire popped). It felt good to talk to someone and to be recognized.

The next morning we were awoken by the police, we run into them a lot. We were packing up already after he said we could stay now that he (and the businesses in the area) knew what we were doing. It would have been nice to sleep longer, but we were already moving.

The day was very hard. Due to another navigation problem I realized that I had missed night's goal by 0.2 miles and that I would have to go 18 miles further than I ever had in 3 days to get to Charlotte by nightfall. Going was slow, then fast, then very fast (nearly 4.5 mph), then I had a few interviews (Newspaper and radio), then I slowed down again. Pain set in and a permanent grimace set upon my face and my walk shifted into something more Mr. Hyde-like then Dr. Jeckyll. I probably looked like I had a severe mental handicap, for the first time all the Forest Gump references I get had some merit.

I made it though after some address issues. Now I have some time to catch up on research, setting up meetings with schools, finding places to stay, writing out my route, finding camera equipment, getting new-more hardcore-tires, editing, downloading and uploading video, doing laundry, dealing with the service on my cell/wireless net, emails, planning the next few days camera work and interviews, and if there's time maybe even eating or relaxing. But let's not go overboard, I only have the afternoon, okay, no eating. Just kidding Mom (probably).

Back to work . . . volunteers wanted.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Brother, Okay, I am about to sound like a total weenie. The recent status of the economy has made me soft. I was busy, very busy for the last three days, with no breaks for at least 8 solid hours, averaging about ten on my feet. It's Friday night, I'm sitting on my couch with my feet up, throbbing, I might add, reading your blog, and the lightbulb just went off in my head about how truly tired you must be each day, my full work day compared to 40 plus miles with flat tires, etc... Anyway, I love you and you rock!