Monday, October 20, 2008

Chapel Hill IV: When Procrastination Goes Bad

Another day here in Chapel hill, lovely town. After getting up late and having a very slow lunch I've decided that rather than walk today I'll start early tomorrow. Normally this doesn't change anything, we never have appointments. However I must meet Bizarro in Charlotte Thursday night or Friday morning. I have 114 miles until then. So the next few days are looking hard.

Do I work hard all day while I'm here? Into the night and then wake up on task tomorrow? Or do I go out and visit with some new and old friends tonight and get a little further behind in work and with a little less energy tomorrow? That little part in the back of my head that got me through college says, "go out, you work best under pressure." I wonder if my legs agree?

In other news, my hopes were dashed a bit this morning. Guinness got back to me about attempting the longest 24 hour walk. The current record is 142.25 miles. That is ridiculous. The running record is 153.6 miles if you want a little perspective on how fast this dude was walking. I'm not that fast, well, there is always the 3-legged-race. The record is only 61 miles currently, that's easy . . . anyone feel up for a challenge?


Kneece said...

Yeah, I'm up for a challenge! Get some rest and walk like crazy tomorrow! See you on the road! Take it easy!

Brooke said...

it was so great to meet you today at "the weave"! i'm so impressed with your... legs! wish i could do the three-legged race with you.. but i only have 6 more days off, then it's back to the... cubicle? :) when i was talking to you today, all i kept thinking of was that quote, "it's the journey, not the destination that counts." I hope you have an amazing journey..